Thursday, August 13, 2009

Republicans Have Become Irrelevant

Despite the fact that Barack Obama was elected in a landslide, despite the fact that the voters gave huge majorities in Congress to the Democrats, despite the fact people did both based on the issues and policies they want to see implemented and finally despite the fact those policies are being implemented as promised, the Republicans continue to fight the will of the American people.

Why? Is it about doing what is best for America? Is it based on real issues and facts? Is it about doing what their constituents want? No. Their actions and even their words are clear. They are doing it because they want Obama to fail.

Just look at what has happened. Obama has bent over backwards to reach out in a bi partisan way, yet again and again the Republicans spit in his face. Then after voting en mass for solely political reason then blame him for not being bi-partisan.

Other evidence of their motives have been their constant spouting of distortions and lies. Several weeks ago they shouted to anyone that would listen that the stimulus bill was a failure. Now that all economic indicators and most economists prove otherwise we hear nothing but the sound of crickets on that topic. The few things we do hear is "well it cost too much." Well I have news for the Republicans, when someone pokes holes in the roof of your house as George W Bush and the Republican polices have done to the house of our economy, you have to spend money to fix it to save the house. That is what Barack Obama and the Democrats have done.

Now comes the health care debate, instead of working toward improving a seriously flawed system that is the cause of 1/3 of the bankruptcies in the United States, that has lead to us having the most expensive health costs in the world to get a mediocre 37th best in the world care, they fight it with lies and distortions.

They scare the elderly and others with absolute lies about Death Panels and Abortion. Things that no one, that is NO ONE, would put in the health care bill. They create fear with repeats of the lies over and over that only the most uninformed or blindly partisan believe. They are stirring up racial hate and violence with words, with tone, with actions.

How does this help America?

In fact it is not only hurting our country but it is ultimately destroying what is left of the Republican Party. It is causing informed citizens to ignore more and more the rabble of nonsense coming from the right. It is causing those that have been fooled once, even twice or three times with misinformation to feel embarrassed they may have repeated such nonsense. As in the old quote that everyone but George W. Bush knows, "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me." There is a lot of shame going around to those that have been listening to the right.

Since their lack of votes on the Supreme Court Nomination, and the Stimulus Package have proven, the Republicans have no intention of ever voting for anything the President proposes, whether it is whats best for the country or not. So sooner or later, hopefully sooner, the Democrats will stop wasting time listening to Republican lip service and do the work that America needs and wants.

The Whig party was once a very powerful force in this nation. So were the Republicans. I wonder what party will rise to replace them.

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