Friday, August 07, 2009

Unemployment Rate Drops-Thank you President Obama

Today despite all the naysayers, all the Republican claims the stimulus plan has been a failure, and predictions of over 10% unemployment rates, the June unemployment numbers dropped .1% to 9.4%.This is the first drop in unemployment since August of 2008.

This is another in a series of positive economic signs to show that President Obama's actions have put our economy on the path to recovery. Housing starts, automobile sales, the stock market, bank solvency and now unemployment are all moving in the right direction.

Thank God we have a President who has had the vision, strength and ability to take the action that was required to get us out of the mess we found ourselves in after decades of voodoo economic policies that practically brought not only our nation's but the world's economy to its knees. Thank God as well that the Republicans short visioned, political games were not successful in preventing it.

By no means is this a "mission accomplished" moment. It is however a clear indication we are heading the right direction.

Thank you to President Obama, his Administration, and the Democrats in the Congress. Thank you to the American people for putting such people in office.

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