Friday, July 24, 2009

OH 18:Space blocking passage of health care

While the Republicans are spewing lies and distortions with only politics in mind. Democrats are working hard to finally pass the legislation that they have worked now for decades. But who is blocking them in the House Energy and Commerce Committee? Zack Space and the Blue Dog democrats.

There is no excuse for Space to be working against the people of his district who have seen their health care costs and prices sky rocket. There is no excuse for Space to delay Health Care reform that will help the rising number of unemployed in his district. Every day thousands are losing their health insurance and Zack Space has decided to block progress rather then get the legislation done that over 70% of the country clearly supports.

So who is Zack Space working for since its clearly not his constituents. Is it the the large hospital corporations that have taken over health care in the 18th district. Is it the Insurance companies that reported record profits this week?

We are watching you Zack Space, we expect you to be a Democrat not a Republican in blue clothing that only is concerned about the profits of the health corporations.

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