Sunday, June 21, 2009

To the GOP: Parole Denied!

The "Right" is screaming and yelling about spending. They use scare statements like "mortgaging your children's future," "It's socialism," "High Taxes!" After 8 years of Republicans controlling our nations spending that's like Paris Hilton criticizing Sarah Palin's clothing allowance.

Don't get me wrong, spending is a concern. But what is most important is how it's spent. Since the years of Reagan almost all the economic policies of our government and resources have gone to increasing the wealth of the wealthy. Starting wars, paying off campaign contributors like pharmaceutical companies, and the oil companies with spending. Giving government contracts to personal cronies like Haliburton, spending money on charter schools many of which are contracted to friends of the politicians that are more about profit then education.

Meanwhile, education has suffered, health care has worsened, more and more of our services are contracted out to companies full of fraud and abuse, and the wars on which we have spent money have destroyed our reputation around the world. Under Republican policies our country declined in strength, economically and militarily, our quality of life has suffered and even the wealth that was created for the few turned out to be false.

The house of our economy has a roof that is damaged from all the storms caused by Republican leadership. It is leaking badly and the longer that roof is left to leak the more damage is being done to the structure.

Thus that roof must be fixed and fixed now. It will cost money. That is what our President is doing. Then once it is fixed, we must find a way to pay for it. That can be done with investing taxpayer money in projects that have long term gain for the country as a whole not just the rich. That improves the economy, brings jobs, improves education and health care. That increases the quality of life for all.

These high spending Republicans that took this country from a surplus under Bill Clinton, to the largest deficit in history are like the Criminal that suddenly finds religion until he gets parole. But the voters are the parole board and we do not forget that quickly. These Republicans remain a danger to society and should not be allowed to repeat their crimes. Parole denied.

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