Friday, June 12, 2009

Message to Sarah: Shut the hell up

Sarah Palin your playing the victim is ridiculous. Stretching a joke out for days with fake outrage makes you look more like the fool then you already do. It was a joke, yes it was over the line. That is why that for perhaps the first time in late night comedy, he apologized.

But can you leave it at that? No of course not you want to milk it to extend your 15 minutes of fame that you have done nothing to deserve, to twist the joke into something much more. In fact you don't even have the intelligence to even have the facts of the joke correct.

Finally to imply that its a "left wing media conspiracy" is laughable. Every national figure that is such an easy target as you are indeed the butt of jokes. Do you recall the endless Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky jokes?

You are a joke because of what you are. A intellectually challenged former beauty queen that is nothing more then a prop. Who can't even say her lines provided by others correctly. One that has to plagiarize others speeches to hide her own lack of substance. You are the Alaskan version of Paris Hilton, nothing more. Though that may be an insult to Paris Hilton.

The Democrats can only hope you are the future of the republican party, because that will assure that the GOP will continue to lose more and more support, votes and elections.

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