Tuesday, February 03, 2009

How Dare They

I have had enough of listening to the Republicans spewing their partisan crap about the stimulus bill.

Republicans lecuturing on increasing the deficit? These are the morons that took our country from a surplus to the largest deficit in history, but now suddenly when democrats are in charge and are left with an economic mess created by republican leadership they have found the anti deficet religion? Spare me.

The President, even though he does not have to, has been trying to reach out to republicans to come up with a true bi partisan bill with lots of ideas involved. What do the republicans do, the same old crap, cut taxes for corporations, blame democrats for TARP, which EXCUSE ME was Bush's bill. Pushed for, and mismanaged by HIS people, NOT DEMOCRATS.

Republicans have had 8 years to test out their economic theories, they have failed miserably. This is not theory, this is not ideology, this is fact. Their theories have lead us to the worse recession in 25 years. People are losing jobs at incredible rates, homes are being lost, lives are being ruined.

These fools complain about spending in the stimulus package increasing funding for unemployment, state and local needs, education, and other help programs. Well NO KIDDING, your policies threw hundreds of thousands out of work, your policies are bankrupting our cities, our states our schools. Your policies who have made only the rich richer and corporations thrive on false wealth, have created real hardship in this country. So yes there is spending, because there is a republican created mess that has to be cleaned up.

Bi partisan ship means sharing good ideas, not holding the country hostage to continue your worn out failed policies.

Despite the attempt the rewrite history buy claiming FDR's policies failed to restore the economy, the fact is he did save our economy. Democratic ideas and programs saved this country that was left in a mess by the Republican Hoover, and once again it will be democrats and democratic ideals and programs that will fix your mess again.

So frankly Republicans, shut up and get out of the way, its time for the country to be fixed by Democrats once again.

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