Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Message to Capital Hill Republicans


Americans have had enough of your partisan games. Americans have had enough of your promising voodoo economics of save the rich, to hell with everyone else. Americans have had enough of the economic disaster your policies have created. Americans have had enough of taking away all regulation so that a few can make fortunes with fake wealth on the back of most of us. Americans have had enough of thousands of jobs being lost everyday while you spew your partisan crap slowing down action on the economy.

We have had enough of you.

This stimulus package will pass with our without you. The Democrats are in charge now so the economy will recover our way, without you.

Your false claims, policies and promises have been exposed and will continue to be.

Bipartisanship does not mean the winners have to continue the path and the policies set by losers. Bipartisanship means all will come to reasonable compromise which clearly you have shown no intention of doing.

Yes you lost this election by following the path you are now. Keep it up and soon will be even less of you to spew your nonsense on capital hill.

Vote yes, or vote no, one shows you do want results one shows you have no desire to get reelected.

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