Friday, November 07, 2008

Brunner gets an A+

In 2004 the election process in Ohio was a sick joke after years of partisan manipulation to disenfranchise and manipulate the vote by Ken Blackwell. Jennifer Brunner has has worked hard and fought for the voters of Ohio and the results on election day show clearly she has succeeded.

Leading up to the election, she fought to make sure county boards of elections did their job to set up procedures and have the equipment necessary to make elections run as they should. For weeks she fought partisan attacks and court challenges that had one purpose to deny voters their right to vote.

Then came election day. Despite record turnout reports from all over the state reported few long lines, with the longest wait times in the neighborhood of one hour. Early voting helped with this as well as having sufficient machines and organization to handle each and every voting location smoothly.

The bottom line is clear. Our elections ran smoothly, efficiently and without any controversy. Voters can have confidence that their vote will count in Ohio once again.

Good job Jennifer Brunner.

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