Thursday, October 30, 2008

OH-07:Hillary Clinton endorses Neuhardt

Today Hillary Clinton endorsed Sharen Neuhardt for Congress in Ohio's 7th Congressional District.

Hillary had this to say:“The people of the 7th District have suffered for far too long under failed Republican policies. Sharen Neuhardt will be the freshest voice this District has heard since the Great Depression. She will also be the first woman to stand up and deliver new ideas that this District desperately needs. We cannot let this moment of tremendous change slip away."

“It is going to take hard work and determination to deliver the change the 7th District needs. But we know Sharen Neuhardt will do it and she’ll do it with a Democratic majority in Congress. Let’s move forward and elect Sharen so that we can begin to bring jobs back to the 7th District, provide basic, affordable health care to every person in the District, reduce the number of home foreclosures, and refuel the area with green jobs and green technology. To build on the future of this area, we must elect Sharen Neuhardt the next Congresswoman of the 7th Congressional District,” said Clinton.

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