Sunday, October 26, 2008

Way 2 Go, has a reputation fairly or not for being the "pit bull" of the left. They have been known for their more controversial commercials and position pieces over the last several elections.

This election I am noticing something different. For one they have closed their 527 and not running as controversial ads that I have seen.

But whats more important is they are having a very positive and visible impact on this campaign.

They are bringing out the volunteers in big numbers to help get the all important grass roots efforts accomplished.

I personally have received a number of calls from them, and this weekend moveon recruited volunteers were very evident at the campaign office I have been helping out at, in Pickerington Ohio.

Keep up the good work

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Anonymous Eli Pariser said...

Hey, Joe,

This came up on our MoveOn Google Alert -- thanks so much for the kind words. We really see MoveOn as a service, so members being happy with what we do is the most important criterion of success. Your post means a lot to the whole staff team.


1:39 PM  

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