Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Weasel gets Away with it again

Joe the Weasel Lieberman who has continually thumbed his nose at democrats in his district and around the nation but once again gets away with it. The Democrats in the Senate once again show their total lack of spine to allow this traitor and despicable human being keep his leadership positions on committees and allowed him to remain in the Democratic Caucus.

I have news for you, this man will vote and say whatever he wants to get himself ahead personally. He is traitor to the voters in his district who he told was the "real democrat." They knew better and said no. Then with the help of Republicans he managed to run as an independent and got returned to the Senate.

Now comes the Presidential race. It is one thing to support a friend and even cross the aisle in that support, but the things he said, the cowardly attacks he made, to stand there while Barack Obama was called a terrorist sympathiser, socialist and worse was unforgivable.

Unity is one thing, but this man crossed way over the line to be forgiven. I cannot believe the other Senators allowed this man to pay no price for all of this.

Perhaps we are now stuck with this weasel, but I for one know very well my first campaign donation is going to whoever runs against the traitor in 4 years.



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