Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Desperate and Dangerous

Today another incident has occurred that is clear evidence that the right wing radicals have become more desperate and dangerous. This shooting at the Holocaust Memorial Museum is another in a series of hate incidents involving such a radical in the United States since the historic election of Barack Obama.

In April three Police officers lost their lives in Pittsburgh when they were killed by a member of a right wing white supremacist group.

A couple weeks ago Dr George Tiller was murdered by a radical anti abortion activist.

Today, at least one security guard has been killed by a gunman who was another anti government anti Semitic radical.

These are the incidents most publicized so far but is a clear indication that the desperation of these radicals is leading them to violent action. The danger is inflamed by those that continue to dispel hate producing words and statements. Those that continue to spread false rumors about the President's religion, his birth certificate and even accusations he may be the anti-Christ. Words like socialism, baby killer, murder and used to inflame fear and this desperation. It is bad enough that such sentiments are promoted by groups that normally have a hate agenda, but the constant reinforcement of these things by right wing talk radio, and Fox News Channel as well as some Republican elected officials are beyond irresponsible and becoming close to liable.

How dare these people wrap themselves in the flag and then encourage the hate, fear, desperation and the falsehoods that inspire these people to violence. These people do not love their country, they hate period. Their desperation has grown to a peak because they can now see the majority of the country has moved on beyond hate and lies and have overwhelmingly elected a man like Barack Obama President.

A few months ago Janet Napolitano was blasted by the right for her true and clearly accurate comments about the Department of Homeland Security's real concern about these radicals. The fact is she was trying to protect America. Whereas those that promote hate put their idealogical hate agenda above their country and the safety of its citizens.

It is time for this to stop. It is time to stop supporting these hate mongers in any way. It is no longer funny or entertainment to laugh at the ignorance of people like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly. These people are inspiring people to violence and it must stop.

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Blogger Chris said...

Yep--we need to keep shining the light on these cockroaches.

4:36 PM  
Blogger Madrigal Maniac said...

Well said.

I sometimes forget I have you on my blogroll and then you write a great post. I grew up in Reynoldsburg, spent four years in Zanesville in management, and as it turns out our political views appear to be similar. So I could relate.

You seem to post when you are passionate about a topic. I hope you continue to post as your voice is a needed one.

11:38 PM  

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