Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ignorance Test

Answer True or False to the Following questions:

Fox News is fair and balanced T or F

Rush Limbaugh is a beacon of truth. T or F

I am middle class and Obama is raising my taxes. T or F

I went to a "Tea Party" today. T or F

Obama is gonna take away my guns. T or F

Obama wants to kill babies. T or F

Socialists are taking over our Government. T or F

FEMA is creating reeducation camps. T or F

The country is less safe under Obama. T or F

Ok add up the number of times you answered True to any of the above questions.

If you got 2 or more your sadly misinformed try watching something other then Fox News.

4 of more you choose to be ignorant and are a hopeless cause

6 or more, please burn your high school diploma as you are an embarrassment to every student that attended your high school and a reason for early retirement to every teacher that taught you.

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