Friday, February 20, 2009

Why the surprise at the New York Post Cartoon?

Of course the cartoon depicting the police shooting the dead chimp, implying it was the writer of the stimulus package was despicable. But why are people surprised. The New York Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch. This is the same dude that owns tabloid rags all over the world and now most disgustingly he is destroying the Wall Street Journal. Add that to his ownership of the complete farce of journalism Faux News Channel this cartoon was just par for the course.

His news outlets have a long history of being fact optional, and incredibly biased. Yet all the while claiming the opposite. Not only do they have no credibility among anyone with a triple digit IQ, but under his ownership there is not even a hint of social, moral or ethical responsibility.

I for one will not watch, read or buy anything owned by this man. When I am aware of any company that advertises with them I won't buy from them. Though I do have to admit I don't know too many of the advertisers because I never see the ads. Spike Lee today also suggested that any Political Figure, Actor, Athlete or anyone that the New York Post attempts to interview should refuse to speak to them. My only question is why has this not happened before on all the Murdoch outlets. I get incensed when I hear a Democrat gave an interview to Faux News as if they were a real news organization. They aren't. None of his properties are, with the possible exception of the Wall Street Journal, but give it time. They are entertainment no better then the National Enquirer. Few will give an interview to that rag and Murdoch's properties should be treated the same way.

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