Saturday, February 07, 2009

Voinovich and GOP holds America Hostage

600,000 workers lost their jobs last week, that makes it the worst month for jobs in 35 years. Yet republicans like George Voinovich are holding America hostage to try to force on us more of their failed economic policies that have lead our economy to the brink of ruin.

While they bicker and fight for real stimulus they push for tax cuts for corporations and the rich. While people lose their homes, their livelihood and ways to even feed their families, they push for cuts in food stamp programs. They have demanded we cut provisions spending on schools, on health care for the unemployed, to give the rich more tax cuts. They cut aid to states to provide services to its citizens so that to keep colleges, roads, health care, and other vital services solvent the states will have to raise taxes.

While companies lay off, close doors, struggle to survive, the republicans try to rewrite history by denying the stimulus spending by FDR is what saved this country in the 30's despite all historical and evidence proving otherwise. They try to blame democrats for the mess our country is in while it was a Republican administration and Republican congress that took a surplus and a vibrant economy and turned it in the biggest deficit and the most crippled economy in 70 years.

People like George Voinovich have the chance to negotiate and work out real solutions and a real stimulus package but instead he walks out fighting to keep the failed republican policies in place that led to this mess.

We need action now, we need real stimulus now, not a bill so watered down because of republican blackmail that will do little but just pay off corporate interests with their tax cuts. 42% of the bill is now republican tax bribes to their corporate interests. More money thrown away that has proven to do nothing to stimulate this economy.

Democrats must lead, they must pass a bill that works, despite the blackmail of the republicans. When we lead, when we do what works, it is them that will suffer in the polls in two years. If we let them prevent them from allowing us to lead and take real action then it will be democrats that suffer. That is their strategy, keep hold America and its economy hostage so they can have any chance of winning seats in 2 years.

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