Saturday, February 14, 2009

Austria and Tiberi put politics before jobs and education

As expected Congressmen Steve Austria and Pat Tiberi walked in lock step with fellow loser Republicans to maintain their course of putting politics above the citizens of their districts. The voted no on the stimulus package despite the fact it was the policies and their party that lead this country down this path.

Thank goodness the voters of the this country in most districts have put men like this in the minority in congress and our country can move forward on improving the economy and the lives of Americans despite them.

The whining of the republicans on this bill has been laughable. Tiberi complained it did nothing about the mortgage crisis. Well genius does it address it directly, no this is a jobs stimulus package. The mortgage crises is being dealt with in various other ways and in other bills and he knows this. Regardless Americans losing their jobs by the 10's of thousands is not helping the mortgage crises either. So this will in fact in a indirect way have a positive effect on that.

The other bogus claim is they didn't have time to read the bill. Bull pucky. This bill has been debated and discussed for weeks. They manage to find little pieces of it to take out of context and twist to complain about but somehow don't know whats in the bill? The bill as passed had only a few changes. Each and every congressman and Senator has a huge staff, this is what they are for, to read, analyze and provide the information to their bosses.

President Obama was unbelievably gracious and understanding when it came to getting the input from the Republicans on this bill. The bill was changed in ways not for the good, in my opinion, based on this input. The President reached out and acted in a bi partisan manner as he promised he would. The Republicans chose to still turn their backs on him and the country.

Quite clearly the Republicans didn't learn from their blistering defeat at the polls in November. Perhaps they will learn in 2 years when their numbers decrease even further. American has chosen leadership over partisan political games. Leadership will win.

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