Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Time for a Boycott of NewsCorp

Because of years of lies, moral and ethical irresponsibility, mongering hate, and the lowering of the collective intelligence of the American People, it is time to boycott all the holdings of Rupurt Murdoch's NewsCorp.

Do not watch, read or support them in any way. If you must, take note of the advertisers and write them and express your dissatisfaction for advertising on those outlets.

Some of the NewsCorp Holdings are:

Fox Network
Fox Sportsnet
Fox News Channel
The New York Post
The Wall Street Journal

In addition boycott any radio station that uses Fox News as its hourly news report, that in Columbus includes WTVN.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like you I love my country and had the honor to serve as an officer of Marines for 10 years. I seethe when I watch commentators like Glenn Beck purport to speak for patriots. I have my own private boycott of NewsCorp and would like to see others join...

Jefferson said that if he had to choose between democracy or a free press he would choose the latter. I doubt he would feel that way when journalistic ethics and professionalism are discarded for fear-mongering and advancing a partisan agenda. Bald faced lies are neither news or commentary...they are just lies.

5:06 PM  

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