Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Wisdom of Obama

After seeing the irresponsible comments made by the GOP Senators and Congressmen regarding Iran, I thank God for the Wisdom of our President. He used restraint and wisdom in his statements about the situation in Iran to avoid giving the "Supreme Leader" any credibility when blaming the United States for the unrest.

The President and in fact even the resolutions passed by the Congress and the Senate state support for the demonstrators rights, free elections and the abhorrence of violence. Yet wisely he did not take sides in the election dispute itself or appear in any way trying to manipulate the situation.

The GOP on the other hand rather then using wisdom in their statements that have as their motive to make things better for the world, for prospects of peace, and for the prospects of change in Iran, they instead want to use George Bush cowboy terms and puff out their chests and saber rattle. This approach would do great harm to the resistance movement in Iran and thus strengthening the existing government, stoke anti American sentiments and make the middle east and the world even less safe.

It is quite clear that the GOP leaders are interested in one thing, criticizing Obama. To that end they put safety, peace and even their country's interests last.

Yesterday we saw supporters of the government in Iran shouting as usual, "Death to America". Today we see people in the streets now shouting "Death to Khamenei." That would not have happened if the anti-American fears of the Iranian people had been stoked by chest pounding by our President.

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