Sunday, June 28, 2009

OH 07: Austria earns his paycheck from Big Oil

As expected Steve Austria congressman from the 7th district in Ohio, walked in lock step with his fellow RepubOILcans and voted against the Energy Bill on Friday. He put the interests of Big Oil fat cats that contribute to his campaigns such as Marathon, ConocoPhillips, Ashland Oil, and American Gas Association above the interests of both his constituents and the world.

He voted no to take steps to fight climate change that could be the most cataclysmic event in the worlds future if nothing is done. He voted no to strengthening our national security by lessening our dependency on foreign Oil. He voted no to creating thousands of new green jobs to help the economy of Ohio.

As expected Steve Austria is not about the betterment of the citizens of his district, our country, the world or its citizens. Steve Austria is about politics and keeping his big oil backers happy.

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