Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OH 18:Citizens to Space, "Fix It Now!"

I attended a rally organized by ProgessOhio and Ohio Citizens for Health at the Office of Congressman Zack Space in Zanesville at lunch hour today. In attendance were citizens of various ages and income levels from several counties within and outside Ohio's 15th district.

To reporters from WHIZ and WOUB television and the Zanesville Times Recorder these citizens expressed their own personal stories for being there. The common thread was that health care is broken, that it must be fixed and we expect Congressman Space to support the House Bill on Health Care Reform.

We along with Mayor Butch Zwelling of Zanesville were invited into the Congressman's office to meet with a member of his staff. A packet of letters in support of Health Care Reform compiled by Progress Ohio were submitted to him and several citizens spoke.

It was made clear by the Citizens that Obama and Space were elected to office by people like those in attendance today to take action on Health Care. Our support for the Congressman was expressed as well as was desire to continue such support for him based on his votes on health care reform.

We were presented with a position paper by the Congressman's staffer that in short expresses a desire for health care reform but also aspects of the current bill that the Congressman seeks to improve.

Improvement is fine Congressman, but blocking action is not acceptable to any of us that were in attendance.

Because of the attendance and media coverage it was clearly a worthwhile effective event to promote health care reform.

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