Friday, July 31, 2009

Another Obama Success

With just over 6 months in office President Obama is quickly showing to be one of the most successful and effective Presidents our nation has had in a long time. Despite the unprecedented mess he was left with by the failures of the Bush Administration he has quickly and effectively dealt with each one with speed and effectiveness.

The newest clear success has been the "cash for clunkers" program. This rebate program to stimulate sales in the ailing auto industry and remove more gas guzzlers from the road replacing with more fuel efficient vehicles, has been a bigger success then anyone dreamed. 1 billion dollars has flowed into our economy in 4 days. This has helped the auto industry, improved our fuel consumption, saved jobs, and helped individuals economically by saving them money at the gas pumps.

Another success is Iraq. A year ago he was practically being accused of being a traitor for wanting to get out troops out of Iraq. Now a leading Colonel has stated things are such we should leave now. What is more amazing many on the right are now suddenly agreeing. In short Obama's Iraq strategy has been a huge success so far.

The Banks were on the brink of failure. Massive tax dollars were spent propping this greedy inefficient institutions from the brink of collapsing our economy. Now in 7 short months, those banks are paying back the money. Who would have believed that would happen that fast when Obama took office.

GM and Chrysler were both in huge trouble. The failure of these two companies could have cost up to 3 million jobs. The President was blasted for his actions. Yet today we have two companies that have quickly gone through reorganization and are on their feet and reopening plants. Another disaster averted and a successful policy by our President.

Finally the Stimulus Package. Despite the lies and misinformation being spread by the right the two year plan of the American Recovery Act is right on schedule. Only 25% of the way in time wise, 20% of the funds have been spent. All over the country Infrastructure is being repaired, Schools being fixed or refurbished, cops put on the streets, jobs are being created in construction, engineering, architecture and many other sectors. Republican Governors all over the country are verbally trashing the stimulus as they do photo ops giving giant size checks, taking credit for it. If the first 6 months of this plan is any indication, the stimulus plan will show to be another huge success.

One of the biggest frustrations Americans have with politicians is that they make promises as they campaign that they never live up to. Obama is clearly fulfilling the promises he made to the American People.

Now on to Health Care Reform!

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