Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No Public Option No Reform

Today the Senate Finance committee took the public option out of the Health Care Reform bill. Which means what is left is no reform at all. Who are these Senators listening to?

72% of Americans in recent polling want a public option. The only people that do not want it is the Insurance Companies who are making record profits and the Republicans who clearly are their lap dogs.

The clearest evidence of this was all the Republicans that were quoting what they called an "Independent Health Group" called the Lewin Group on the house floor in interviews and in speeches. The Lewin group is in reality a wholly owned subsidiary of United Health Corporation. This is the Insurance company that reported an $859 Million profit in the second quarter this year up 155%. This on the backs of Americans which results in 1 out of 3 Bankruptcies in the U.S. to be due to Health Care Costs.

On top of this instead of working to solve the clear health care problem that touches every American using facts and hard work to come to solutions, Republicans ,tell lies and make distortions for one purpose to defeat it. Using words like Socialism which a public option is clearly not, making threats about Government being between a Doctor and Patient which this bill clearly does not do, and even crazy accusations like one made by a Republican Congresswoman today from the House Floor claiming this heatlh care bill has provisions to kill the elderly!

So what are the Blue Dog Democrat's motivation. Bi partisanship? This is bunk. The Republicans have made it clear that they want anything Obama does to fail. A number of them won't even discourage the nut jobs in their party screaming about birth Certificates. There is clearly going to be no bi-partisanship on this or anything else on the President's agenda.

Yet despite that Democrats have already compromised. First after 55 years of trying to get national health care, 14,000 losing their Insurance every day, the Republicans along with helpful Democrats are delaying action on this bill. In addition many Americans want a single payer health care system. One that has been proven effective in almost every industrialized nation in the world. Yet there was a willing to compromise on this "public option." Now they want to take that away.

Gutting health care reform to be "bi partisan" will result in solving nothing. It will leave Americans uninsured. It will result in higher and higher insurance premiums for all and it will lead to more and more bankruptcy and will continue to put our businesses at a competitive disadvantage. In the end it will bankrupt our economy overall.

There is an old adage "Lead, Follow or Get out of the way." Clearly the Republicans are neither going to Lead or follow so it is up to the Democrats to get it done and Force the Republicans to "get out of the way."

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