Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Desperate and Dangerous

Throughout our history whenever some people found themselves on the wrong side of the facts, history, public opinion and morality, hate and violence has resulted.

In 1837 a Pro-Slavery Mob burned a newspaper building in Alton Illinois. "Blame the Media." Sound familiar?

Throughout the civil rights movement these "patriotic Americans" waved their flags high.

In the 90's frustration and irrational fear of "government takeover" lead to the growth of the militia movement. One member let out his frustration in Oklahoma City.

During the campaign the fear of a Black man with an unusual name being elected President, made McCain rallies appear more like mob riots then campaign events. "Obama is an Arab!" No ma'am.

And now this is what we are seeing.

What will they resort to next in their desperation? Who will we hold responsible?

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