Monday, August 10, 2009

Murdoch's Wall Street Journal Commits Treason

Treason:the crime of giving aid or comfort to the enemies of one's government.
Every since Rupert Murdoch purchased the once proud Wall Street Journal, it like all his tabloid rags has moved further and further away from journalism and more toward right wing propaganda. Today they went so far they have crossed the line into Treason against the Government of the United States.

Apparently to avoid allowing Americans to see the string of foreign policy and anti-terrorism's successes, they choose to falsely quote an American General to imply the Taliban are winning in Afghanistan. They ignore the fact that the head of the Taliban was successfully killed in Pakistan recently, by giving aid and comfort to the enemy by telling them falsely that they are winning.

Today the misquoted General Stanley McChrystal and the Pentagon made it clear that the Wall Street Journal completely and utterly mis-characterized his statements thus propagating this lie and treason against our country.

How much longer will Rupert Murdoch be permitted to damage our country, put our service men and women at risk all to promote his right wing agenda.

It's time this Australian tabloid hack be sent back to the outback.

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