Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Senator Kent Conrad Health Industrys Million Dollar Man

Why has Senator Kent Conrad of North Dakota attempted to single handedly scuttle health care reform? $1,099.203. That is the amount of contributions he has received from Insurance, For profit Hospitals, HMO's, Health Professionals and Pharmaceutical companies.

This is why we are the only people in the western world not to have affordable, reliable health care. This is why the will and the needs of the citizens are ignored. This is why thousands lined up in Los Angeles to get a chance to get one free visit from a health professional while yesterday United Health Groups stock soared.

It is Senators like Kent Conrad who take and take and take contributions and put the will of his big profit health benefactors over what is right and what is needed by the citizens of this country.

I am embarrassed that Kent Conrad calls himself a Democrat, he is another Corporate lackey.


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