Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our Representative Democracy

Once again a situation has come up in our history that reminds us how much true vision the founders of our nation had. They set up our nation as a representative democracy which means that we elect representatives to make the decisions for us in Congress. We give them the responsibility to get and understand the actual facts and to work in our best interests.

The latest NBC poll shows why this remain so important for our nation. That poll clearly shows that a majority of voters are misinformed on what is and is not in the health care reform bills. They have been manipulated by lies and distortions about death panels, abortion, and government takeover. Luckily we do not make laws by referendum by the uniformed masses. We have a Senate and Congress of men and women we choose to understand the truth, the details and to vote accordingly.

It is true that the uniformed masses can make a lot of noise and put pressure on those representatives. Yet those very same representatives should know that if they are voting based on the facts and reality and that this bill will in fact help their constituents, that time will show their wisdom. They will also know when they go to bed at night, that they did what is right for their country.

Those that vote against their constituents interests, for either selfish political reasons, temporary popularity or for interests of lobbyists or big money donors and corporations, will eventually shown to be for what they are, ineffective representatives that have betrayed the citizens they represent.

It is time for representatives to take a position on health care reform that is based on the truth, that is based on what is right and what is needed and best for our nation. It is time for those representatives to also take note that the very same poll showed that when their constituents were shown a list of items that were actually in the bills, a majority was in favor of those features. It is the distortions and lies they are afraid of, not actual Health Care Reform.

Zack Space doing what is right will get you re-elected. George Voinovich doing so will give you a good legacy to retire on. Steve Austria though I have no hope you would do anything based on anything other then pure political motivation, there is always hope for once you would do what is best for your constituents.

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