Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"I want Health Care Reform but want Obama out"

Hat tip to Progress Ohio for bringing this video to my attention which I find almost humorous. Listen closely to what this woman says. She says we need health care reform, that her husband works 3 jobs but doesn't have health care. That she is biblical yet doesn't believe health care is a right. She says she doesn't want government take over of health care, which of course no one is proposing. She also doesn't want illegal aliens to get health care, "God bless them." Of course no version pays for health care of illegal aliens.

In short she wants Health Care Reform but what she hopes to gain most of all is Obama out of office, why because she wants people out that have been in office two long (8 months?") and those that just want political gain.

Umm isn't saying you want Health care reform but your main goal is to get Obama out of office all about political gain?

Oh this same woman yelled "Hail Hitler" at the rally.


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