Wednesday, August 26, 2009

He Bore Our Burdens

He the youngest of 4 brothers of a family that were groomed to lead a nation. One lost to war, two lost to assassin's bullets. The heavy burden of expectations, of talent, of the dreams of a Father, of a Mother, of sisters, of nieces and nephews fell on his shoulders. He without hesitation took up that heavy load, a load unlike any family has ever placed on one man. For 40 years he carried it, without hesitation, without complaint. He bore that burden of patriarch with honor, with hope. Never missing the importance of his role in that great family.

As the body of the esteemed Senate moved through a period of history, where statesmanship and true debate seemed to get lost in a sea of partisan muck, he refused to to give up on the values, the honor and the skills of true leadership. He bore the burden as the "Lion of the Senate." Never hesitating to reach out to anyone on either side, to discuss, to find common ground, to work to achieve great things. To gain the respect of those with him and against him on any issue.

In an era where entertainers filled the airways with lies, dishonor, with character assassinations. Where the word "liberal" was turned into a dirty word by those with only personal ambition in mind. He bore the burden of the liberal cause. To fight to make things better for his country. He fought for civil rights, for health care for all. He shows the scars of unfair and partisan attacks, of the hate, of the vileness many have turned our political world into. Yet he never wavered. He did not lower himself to their level. He trudged forward up that hill bearing that burden of progressives each and every day, even when sometimes those of us for which he bore that burden didn't recognize how important he was, he knew his role, he never wavered from it.

His burdens were heavy, yes he stumbled along the way, but he never dropped the burden. He never gave up, He never quit. Only a truly great man would have made it through half the things he has. He never complained, he never stopped, he never blamed. He carried it, another and another and another step, never stopping until death.

Rest well Senator Edward M. Kennedy. No one person can bear those burdens you have. There will be others in your family that will share the burden you once bore for them. They will do so using your example, and your lead. I hope many Senators take up portions of the burden you carried there, showing integrity, vision and never failing to work with all for the good of a nation not just political advantage. Many will pick up the burden for the liberal causes you carried, our President is just one, but all those you have inspired, your brothers have inspired will carry it on from here.

Yes rest well Senator, you earned this rest, you earned this day, to join your brothers, your sisters, your father and your mother in heaven, to look down on the results of the dreams of your family.

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