Friday, August 21, 2009

Message to Car Dealers:Stop Whining

How soon they forget. Just weeks ago car dealers were in dire straits. Their sales were non existent, some of them were closing, jobs were being lost, the future of the industry was in doubt.

Then came "cash for clunkers" Sales shot through the roof, inventories are dropping, traffic in their show rooms is like they haven't seen in decades. It was perhaps the most successful government stimulant program in history. It exceeded anyone's expectations.

Now they are whining cause the government isn't processing the millions of requests instantly. You remind me of the homeless man being invited into the rectory to get a free meal and complaining "chicken again?"

Stop your whining, turn in the paperwork, be thrilled you are getting the profits from these sales at all rather then being in financial ruin, where you were heading just a few weeks ago. You will get your reimbursements, and you damn well know it.

My suggestion is that any dealer that whines on tv should have their reimbursements put at the end of the line.

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