Friday, August 28, 2009

We have not forgotten

4 years later we still hear "justifications" for the lack of action by Bush and the Federal Government in Katrina. 4 years later though some progress has been made, it is woefully inadequate. 4 years later they still tell us how Bush kept us safe. 4 years later we have never fogotten or forgiven.

The following is my post from August 2006 on the first anniversary of Katrina.

We must never forget:

The sadness as we saw a city of great history and culture fall victim to the wrath of Katrina.

The frustration as Bush and other administration people patted each other on the back while our screens showed people begging for help with little results.

The anger as we watched people dying in the streets. Meanwhile the government that had based their existence on their ability to protect us, proved how inept they were.

The embarrassment as people around the world saw how our government was unable to protect its own.

The dismay as Bush still today makes unfulfilled promises sandwiching it in between deflecting blame.

Many have different ideas of what role government should play in our lives. But protecting its people has not ever been a role that has been debated. The Bush administration has proven they do not have the ability or will to perform this task.

We will never forget.

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