Tuesday, September 01, 2009

OH 18: Who Moll Follows

Does who someone follows on twitter say much about them? In my opinion sometimes yes sometimes no. But if there is a clear pattern I think it can give you an insight on who someone gets their ideas and beliefs from.

Here are some of the people Candidate for the Ohio 18th Congressional District, Jeanette Moll follows:

The Tea Party Leaders- yes socialists are taking over!!

GlennBeckClips- The original Obama is a racist dude.

The Drudge Report - Well of course what self respecting RepubOILcan doesn't follow him.

Ann Coulter - who's one and only post to twitter was "Just signed up for twitter. Looks like a good place where I can bash Edwards and the fags without being caught. "

Ken Blackwell - Disgraced Republican Gubernatorial Candidate who's election fixing antics were legendary

Karl Rove - Blackwell's mentor in election stealing

Steve Austria - GOP puppet that speaks talking points on command. Oh wait, I follow him too but I'm guessing for way different reasons.

Fox News and Fox News Politics - We distort, you get lies.

That along with Michael Steele and Boehner and Kasich to get her talking points from.

Anyone see a pattern here? What does this say about Jeanette Moll? You Decide.

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