Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Real Differences On Health Care

If you take a step back out of the weeds of misinformation and partisan bickering the difference between the Democrats and Republicans on Health Care Reform is clear. Lets look at some of the issues.

The Republicans talk about things like tort reform, which protects the income of the medical providers. The reality is tort reform has been done in states like Minnesota and it had no effect on health care costs to the consumer. The Congressional Budget office estimates that tort reform could save perhaps 1%. So in short tort reform doesn't save consumers money, it only saves profits for providers.

They talk about government "takeover" which by the way no one is proposing, yet there is a public option being proposed. First off a public option is just that, an option. There are many examples of public vs private interests competing in our country. Fed EX, UPS vs the United States Postal Service, and a great example made by Senator Chuck Schumer yesterday, Public Universities vs Private Institutions. Both thrive in our nation, it increases choice, it provides lower cost options, yet no private institutions are threatened by State Universities. So why are Republicans against this, because it would have the effect of hurting the massive profits of the big insurance companies. They would have to compete, they would have to offer better and cheaper coverage.

The cost is another issue the Republicans like to scream about. Yet most Americans would not see one dime of a tax increase to pay for health care. Who would get a tax increase? The wealthy. Again Democrats on the side of middle class, Republicans protecting corporations and wealth.

Another talking point of the right is Government being between you and your Doctor. Again a false point, there are no death panels proposed, there is a long good track record of Medicare, and the VA to prove otherwise. So who are the Republicans protecting? Once again the people that are between you and your doctor now. The insurance companies. The problem is they are making decisions based on their profits, not the good of the patient. Between Government and Corporations, who is more likely to look out for the welfare of its citizens?

It is quite clear as you look at talking point by talking point, the Republicans seek to protect the wealthy and corporations and the Democrats are trying to save Americans from the crippling effects of debt and skyrocketing health care costs. In the last 10 years insurance costs have doubled. They are expected to double again in the next 7 years. Can you afford that, can medicare afford that? 1 out of every 3 bankruptcies in this country are related to health care bills. Are you next? Yet currently one out of every $700 spent on health care in this nation pays for the salary of one man, the CEO of United Health Group.

The Democrats Health Care Reform is to help you, The Republicans fight is to protect the wealth of the insurance companies. That is the clear difference. Everything else is just window dressing.



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