Sunday, August 30, 2009

OH 18: Jeanette Moll off to Embarrasing Start

Mark McCutchan who had volunteered to be a Co Chairman for Moll's campaign against Zack Space in the 18th district, very publicly and with good reason resigned. Her campaign that is nothing more then old tired GOP talking points being spewed by another puppet, similar to Steve Austria in the 7th District, went too far for McCutchan to stay on.

Her position in line with the GOP on ignoring climate change in lieu of supporting Big Oil and the Coal Companies was too much for him to take. I don't know why this is a surprise to him as her website could be that of almost any right wing, gun toting, gay hating, religious right puppet you see nightly on Faux News.

One thing for sure she will get the NRA endorsement, probably Lou Dobb's too since she apparently has issues with immigrants as well.

From reading her website, it seems her primary qualifications are she has a concealed carry permit and really likes to shoot ducks. Must be really smart ducks.

Regardless, McCutchan made this announcement in a letter to the editor of the Chillicothe Gazette, ouch Moll. Way to start.

source: Chillicothe Gazette

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Blogger Mark said...

I volunteered for Moll's campaign when I was a conservative Republican at the start of the year, but by the time she attacked Zack Space's ACES bill vote, my political views had become progressive.

How? I read "Hot, Flat, and Crowded" by Thomas Friedman, and it really opened my eyes to where the typical Republican "all personal freedom, no public cooperation" attitude would leave our environment: dead by the side of the road.
I don't want to leave that legacy to my children, so I had to change my outlook, and that can be difficult for anyone set in his ways, especially this 46-year-old man. But I've changed, and I'm glad I did, although once you can see the stupidity around you, you can't be complacent again - you've got to get active to change policies and practices for the better in so many areas: energy, recycling, farming & land management, education, etc.

By the way, my letter was also sent to the Athens and Zanesville papers, and Jeanette and I had some back and forth follow-up letters.

Zack Space is not the ideal progressive candidate (he still sends buckets of taxpayer money to the coal industry), but he may be the best we can expect in this relatively conservative Ohio district.

Mark McCutchan

9:45 AM  

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