Thursday, September 03, 2009

OH 18: Jeanette Moll shows Troops Are not Important to her

In a press release yesterday candidate for the 18th Congressional District in Ohio, Jeanette Moll made it clear that concern about our troops and the real serious issues in Afghanistan and Pakistan are not important. In fact she claims Zack Space should instead listen to wacko Tea Party screamers like she has been listening to rather then checking on our troops in harms way.

She said this about Space's Trip to Afghanistan: "While other members of congress held town halls, Zack Space got as far away from you as he could get."

Thank goodness we have leaders in Congress that are dealing with real issues and showing concern about our troops over playing political games like Moll clearly does.

Jeanette spend all your time hanging out with nut job Coach Dave like you did yesterday or at another "tea Party" protest in Zoar this weekend who I still can't figure out why they are protesting the fact that 95% of Americans taxes were lowered this year? Meanwhile our Congressman will be working on real issues and supporting our troops.

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