Wednesday, September 09, 2009

GOP Health Care Lie: British don't like their health care

This is a lie that is repeated over and over again by the GOP now for months if not years. I heard Senator Kay Bailey-Hutchison repeat it today on MSNBC. The fact is its not true. In almost every national opinion poll in the 50 years of the British National Health Service it gets between and 80-90% approval from the British Citizens.

Like all big programs clearly it is not perfect but they want to improve what they have not scrap it. In fact a recent poll showed that 88% of English were strongly opposed to an American style Health System. Why would they? Their health system is ranked 18th in the world by the World Health Organization, the United States 37th. Then they try to scare you with stories of people dying from being denied Government Health care in Britain. Oh really? The Life expectancy in the United Kingdom is 25th in the world, the United States? 35th.

This is a lie the repubLIEcans have repeated often and frankly have annoyed the citizens of Britain and Canada. Yet no one is calling them out on it. Till now.

"Why does the right always lie, because when they debate based on facts, they lose." Fundamental Truths

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