Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Why They Freaked over the School Speech

The President of the United States yesterday gave a speech to the school children of American that had a message that very few could disagree with. Yet before it many on the right made absolute fools of themselves freaking out over the prospect. Now that the speech has been given many wonder why such a reaction.

Back in 1980 I was a student at Ohio State, I recall a college professor who was a child of the 60's express shock, dismay and frustration that the youth were rallying around Ronald Reagan. The hearts and minds of the youth had changed from their parents. It was unsettling to him and others of his generation.

Fast forward to 2008. While working on the campaign, I was contacting people who had signed up to volunteer and on more then one occasion attempted to reach a college age student who was at that time living at their parents home. When I told them why I was calling for their child, they were angered, not only at my call but at their child. This parent a child of the "me" generation inspired by Reagan was shocked, dismayed and frustrated that their offspring could possibly think differently then they.

On election night I got a call from my 22 year old daughter, who had shown as much interest in politics as I do in basket weaving. She said to me, this is "our" President dad, my generations, we wanted him, we got him.

The youth of today do not think like their parents. They cheered at speeches about doing community service. They got motivated on this last election, and something that rarely happens, they voted. They do not have the same beliefs of the "me" generation, and most of all they do not have the same beliefs about race we do.

The reason they freaked over the speech yesterday is the youth of America are inspired by Barack Obama. It scares the parents to death.

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