Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Wake up Congress 77% want Public Option

Despite the media coverage that has focused on the loudest if not the smartest town hall participants, once again a poll has found that a significant majority of Americans want a public option in health care reform.

The Survey USA polls shows 58% of American voters find the public option extremely important and another 19% find it quite important. that is 77% an overwhelming majority of voters who recognize a national need for a real public option in health care reform.

The United States is a representative republic we elect our Congressmen and Senators to vote in the best interest of its citizens. We elect them to get the facts and understand the background on every vote they make. What has been screamed at them at town halls is not fact, it is either misunderstandings or outright planned lies set out by those who will do anything to prevent Obama from succeeding despite what is best for the nation.

There were similar voices against civil rights reform, social security, and medicare. Yet those that voted for those things are heroes in American History. This is the chance for those in the Congress and Senate to once again be heroes.

The message we need to send to Zack Space, Steve Austria, Sherrod Brown and George Voinivich is: Doing nothing never goes down in history, achieving results does.

source: Survey USA poll

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