Thursday, September 10, 2009

GOP preys on Seniors

The party of lies and the party of fear has now chosen to prey on Senior Citizens. They have put out a "Seniors Bill of Rights" in op eds and television commercials by disgraced GOP chairman Micheal Steele that is nothing more then false implications and fear mongering aimed at Senior Citizens.

It states they are against certain things that implies that the President's Health Care reform proposals are for. This is an out right lie.

Here are some of the statements in the "Seniors Bill of Rights"

Protect Medicare not cut it. Let me get this straight, the party that voted against medicare that complains about costs and the deficient is opposed to cutting waste and fraud in the program? No one is proposing cutting benefits to Medicare. They are for cutting costs, and give aways to insurance companies that do nothing for Seniors. In fact under Obama's plan benefits will increase. Namely narrowing the donut hole that costs seniors thousands of dollars in the existing plan on prescriptions.

Prohibit Government from getting between Seniors and their doctors. Who is proposing in any bill anywhere anything else? This is a complete scare tactic that has no basis in any truth whatsoever.

Prohibiting efforts to ration health care based on age.
Efforts by who? NO ONE IS PROPOSING THIS!!! Total Fear mongering.

Preventing government from interfering in end of life discussions. Unbelievably this is the Death Panel lie again. The ONLY mention of end of life discussions is it would allow any public plan to pay for the counseling if a patient chooses. There is NO government interfering in such discussion.

Insure Seniors can keep their current coverage. Are they deaf? EVERYONE can keep their current coverage under EVERY plan currently proposed.

You know when you hear about fraud going on in your town its upsetting but when those that commit such crimes prey on Senior citizens it is particularly disgusting. It is clear such fraud directed at Seniors is what the GOP is now resorting to.

Do NOT forget the AARP is working for health care reform. For goodness sakes would they support reforms that hurt seniors?

It is time to protect our Senior Citizens from being scared by Republican Lies. Call them out on it each and every time.

Why does the right always resort to lies? Because when they debate based on facts, they always lose. = Fundamental Truths

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