Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sen Baucus Pays off Big Insurance

Senator Max Baucus yesterday did more to attempt to scuttle health care reform then any Republican has done so far and he is supposedly a Democrat. After stalling and delaying in the name of bi-partisanship he announced Max's Health Care Reform Bill yesterday. It was rather surprising at first that the he alone appeared at the press conference. Then as you read the bill as put on his web site it is referred to in many places as Max's bill. Now one may think of this as self promoting behavior, but after actually reading the proposal its clear that no other Senator would have anything to do with such legislation.

Not only does it have very little insurance reform in it at all. It provides for now public option or controlling of costs. The major positive is that it actually cuts the deficit. But how? It does so with Max's Tax that basically attempts to bankrupt the middle class with penalties directly from our paychecks and hands it over to the insurance industry.

Using the formulas in the actual proposed bill, I calculate that my personal health care costs would double under this plan.

Why would a Democratic Senator propose such a bill? There are many theories not the least of which is that there is some relation to his actions and the 3 million in campaign donations he has received from health insurance corporations.

Is not a surprise that the stock of most of the major insurance companies went up yesterday after the announcement of Max's Tax Bill. It seems they got what they paid for.

This bill needs to be given the attention it deserves in the nearest incinerator. Hopefully Senators like Jay Rockefeller and Sherrod Brown will fight to give Americans real health reform that helps middle class taxpayers instead of bloating the insurance companies profits even more.

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