Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What does it take to buy 3 Senators, apparently 6 million dollars

As expected Senators Kent Conrad, Max Baucus and Blanche Lincoln betrayed their party, betrayed the voters, and betrayed the citizens in this country that are losing health care insurance, going bankrupt and some dying every day. These 3 soon to be former Senators voted against real health care reform in the Senate Finance Committee today. Instead they are leaving a bill that is a 60 billion give away to simply increase the profits of the Insurance Industry.

Why would these so called Democrats do such a thing? Well a quick look on opensecrets.org has the clear answer. 6 million dollars. That is the amount it took the Health, Pharmaceutical and Insurance Industry to buy these 3 Senators.

I previously reported that Kent Conrad was the million dollar man. Million Dollar Man

Then later on this blog I detailed how Max Baucus was even worse with campaign donations over 3 million dollars. Baucus pays off Big insurance

And today joining that duo in paying back their benefactors is Blanche Lincoln who has received a whopping 2 million from Insurance, Hospitals, pharmaceuticals and other health care providers.

It looks like the billions of profits and the high executive salaries of Big Insurance are now safe with a relatively minor investment paying off these 3 Senators 6 million dollars. That's quite a return on investment indeed.

Lincoln is up for removal in 2010.
Baucus and Conrad will have a progressive funded primary challenger in 2012.
As soon as I know who all three's primary challengers are I will announce who and where to donate to their campaigns.

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