Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OH 07: Steve Austria taking his marching orders from party boss Glenn Beck

Not a big surprise but despite thousands losing insurance every day, thousands going bankrupt due to medical expenses, almost 9000 losing their lives due to lack of insurance Austria's non issue of the month is Czars.

Despite the fact that "Czar" is a media made up title of Administration Staff that is simply a short cut for their long actual titles. Despite the fact that there have been "czars" for decades. Despite the fact George W. Bush appointed more such employees then President Obama. Steve Austria has decided that is the most important issue of the month on his newsletter.

Apparently when Glenn Beck makes up a fake issue that takes precedence over war, poverty, unemployment and health care. Steve Austria rather then speaking on these important issues he writes about and cosponsors legislation about "Czars"

Steve Austria once again has proven he is simply a right wing puppet of whoever is pulling the strings. Sometimes John Boehner who has often been seen speaking in the foreground and Austria stands behind him nodding his head up and down like a bobbled head doll or more recently his lock step actions based on made up stories by Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

Some congressional districts have congressmen that represent their interests, unfortunately we in the 7th District have no such representative.

The Whig party was once a powerful political force, in this nation, they became irrelevent and replaced, what will replace the Republican party? - Fundamental Truths

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