Thursday, October 01, 2009

FL 08: Support Congressman Grayson

As the repubLIEcans attempt to scapegoat Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida for telling the truth concerning the deaths resulting from lack of health care. As he shows the damage the Republicans political games and being the party of no is doing to the citizens of our nation. It is time to support such a man.

Its about time someone fought back. After months of listening to RepubLIEcans telling lies, using words like death panels and false claims of government takeover of health care, Congressman Grayson stood up and fought back. Unlike RepubLIEcans he used the truth.

Any attempt to compare this to Congressman Joe the mouth Wilson's clearly inappropriate disrespect of the President of the United States during a national televised speech is laughable. Congressman Grayson's comments came when he had the floor, at a time reserved for Congressmen to speak on the issues. Just like many repubLIEcans do every day, spreading lies and hate.

It is time to support one like Grayson for standing up. For being one of the seemingly few Democrats with a spine. I urge you to donate to his campaign.

Donate to Alan Grayson's campaign



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