Sunday, October 25, 2009

But Seriously, Art Schlichter?

I am on the same side of most issues as progress Ohio 90% of the time. Issue 3 is one issue on which we disagree. But boy have they jumped the shark highlighting a video of Art Schlichter as a spokesman against issue 3. Making Art as some sort of a victim in the first place is hard to swallow but where his reported addiction began was at horse tracks. The last time I looked those have been legal in Ohio for decades. He lost his career and hundreds of thousands of dollars to mob bookies betting on sports. Though I have seen legal sports books in Vegas, never have I seen those in any casino in Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia or Pennsylvania and I doubt seriously they will be involved in Ohio's four casinos. Art gambled illegally that's why he went to prison. It is unlikely having legal casinos would have changed his fate in any way whatsoever.

So they want to make the argument that gambling is gambling and it all should be stopped to protect "victims" like Art Schlichter. Ok well lets ban all cell phones because wasn't stealing a cell phone that started Maurice Claret's, slide? How about bringing back prohibition after all there are alcoholics and drunk drivers. While we are at it lets ban peanuts and all peanut butter, is risking the consequences to those that have peanut allergies really worth the rest of us being allowed to have a Reese's cup?

Gambling is there, it will always be there. There are some that are irresponsible with it. Yes even some that have an addiction. But that is no reason to outlaw it for the rest of responsible society in Ohio or anywhere else.

Yes on Issue 3.

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Blogger The Lee's Summit Conservative said...


Shhh!!! They may think you're serious and start doing exactly that: prohibition, cell phone laws, no gambling, wear your seat belts, blow your nose, wipe your feet and all the other government intrusions where they don't belong.

Too many laws, not enough common sense. I can't believe I'm agreeing with you on any topic; but you have the right of it in this one.

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are there any of you out there that have recently bought OSU tickets...or at least paid art for tickets that have resulted in NO TICKETS and now are owed money by art

11:26 AM  

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