Friday, October 09, 2009

The World Has Found a True Leader

Much to the surprise of many, our President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this morning. Because of the relative newness of his Administration even he has acknowledged this award is not about what he has accomplished to date. It is however about a vision, it is about leadership, it is about respect.

The world had lost a lot of faith in the United States and its leaders through the 8 years of the Bush Administration. They watched in frustration as the United States Government took a path rejecting diplomacy and peace then lied to the world to start a war. They watched as the government that was once the beacon of justice and human rights, began to torture detainees. The watched as the Country the world often depended on in times of disaster let one of its own cities drown.

However a new young voice began to be heard. I wrote in August 2006 about a young Senator who unlike our leaders of the time was being cheered in the streets of a foreign capital. A man that brought hope, and understanding and belief once again to not only Americans but to the world. A man that had a vision for improving the world for the betterment of all.

Over the next 3 years that man spoke to crowds of a quarter million in Berlin, was cheered around the world as he was elected President of the United States, gave of vision of peace and understanding in Cairo, and spoke of a commitment for peace and nuclear disarmament at the United Nations. The hope and vision of our President, our leader has now been embraced in a very public way with his being named the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

For those of us Americans and citizens of the world that have hungered for such a leader, today is a moment of rejoicing. It is also as the President said today, "A Call to Action." A Call to make the vision he represents a reality. This is not a time to relish in accomplishment but rather a recognition of the opportunity we have as a country and as a world with a man such as this in the White House.

Those with selfish interests and hate for anything other then their own political agenda are scoffing at this moment. Their blind partisanship once again is showing their true motives. They have never been about loving their country, they are about scoring political points. Their clear lack of love for their own country became evident last week as they cheered against it over the Olympic bid and today when our President, Our leader has been recognized with such a prestigious honor by the world community.

But one thing is clear those people every day are becoming an isolated minority in this country and the world. They can choose to scoff, throw out their snide distortions and whine, meanwhile the rest of us will continue to work for a better world.

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