Monday, October 05, 2009

Senate Finance Committee delays and more die

Once again the Baucus junta has delayed passing its version of the Health Care Reform bill, though their version would be better titled the no choices, Big Insurance Profit Protection Act. Despite the fact this version of the bill is an incredible insult to the intelligence of middle class Americans, until it is passed Health Care Reform is dead in the water. Once this bill is moved out of committee it can be merged with the actual Health Care Reform bill passed by the Senate Health Committee and hopefully morphed into something real, something helpful and a real positive change to middle income Americans.

But as long as Baucus and the Republicans hold America hostage with their version nothing can move forward.

So what is one more week? In that week 98,000 more Americans will lose their insurance coverage, 13,986 will go bankrupt from health care related expenses and 863 Americans will die. Good job Baucus and Senate Republicans.

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