Friday, November 20, 2009

OH 18: Moll shows her ignorance once again

Jeanette Moll once again shows her ignorance on twitter. She tries to twist today's study on PAP tests to mean something that it doesn't.. She states "pouring salt on an open wound, panel suggests that fewer pap smears should be done. Wives/mothers not worth the cost of preventative care?? " Wives and Mothers? Did she not even read the news reports on this study? This was simply a recommendation for women under 20.

Again spouting off without knowing what she is talking about.

Oh and apparently me calling out her ignorance is annoying her as she blocked me from following her in twitter.

Ok I'll stop as one comment on my blog suggested, we want her to be the Republican Candidate for the 18th District kinda like we want Palin to get the nomination in 2012. Can you say landslide?

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