Thursday, November 12, 2009

Biggest Embarrassment to CNN Dobbs is Gone

After years of damaging CNN's unbiased credibility, Lou Dobbs announced he was leaving the Network last night. I personally began writing and complaining to CNN as long as 2 years ago as Dobbs continued to convert his show into a right wing propaganda hour which primary purpose seem to be to promote his books.

In recent years he has gonna further and further to the right injecting his far right views into almost every story he reported on. This has led to an uprising of viewers that have created sites such as which I link to from this blog.

Though it was clear that Dobbs was damaging CNN not only in credibility but ratings as well, he attempted to spin his exit as his choice to find a way to further push his racist right wing agenda. Apparently the constraints of working for a network that wants unbiased factual coverage was too restraining for him. He of course has his radio program, and of course all know that facts or bias is not a restraint any anchor on Faux News has to concern themselves with. So clearly there are places for him.

When I heard this news this morning at 6 am which is way earlier then I normally get up, I was suddenly wide awake in bed with a huge grin on my face, this is indeed a good day for CNN and America.

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