Wednesday, November 04, 2009

BSC Conservatives suffer Humilating Defeat

So all the Bat Sh*T Crazy, Faux News Factually challenged, Limbaugh Loving, Palin following, Corporate sponsored "grass roots" screaming right wing wackos, took to the streets to fight for the soul of the RepubLIEcan party in the little upstate 23rd Congressional District in New York. They had Sarah Palin writing on her face book page about it, they had their designated propaganda network promoting it daily, the right wing blowhards shouting over the radio waves. Dick Army and his "grass roots" corporate funded FreedomWorks making 30,000 phone calls. They were so effective that the actual Republican candidate for the seat resigned, leaving them with a proven uninformed on any significant issue "true conservative" to hold the seat.

The result? For the first time in over a century the New York 23rd Congressional District will now be represented by a Democrat. Well done!

Hmm, perhaps I should donate to Freedomworks so they do more of this. Ok maybe not.

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