Monday, November 16, 2009

Does the Right Even Know What Our Constitution Says?

For the last 6 months we keep hearing people on the right shouting out accusations of unconstitutionality against President Obama and the Democratic Majority Congress. We have even had the Republican Minority Leader in the House and embrarrasment to Ohio, John Boehner quote The Preamble of the Declaration of Independence claiming it was the Constitution.

Yet here is the reality. A majority of American Voters chose Electors to put Barack Obama in office as our President. In addition those same voters choose to give control of the House and Senate to Democrats. Just as the Constitution prescribes. So what does the right do? Try to find every possible way to nullify the results of one the basis of our democracy an election. They have done so by claiming ridiculous things like the birthers or making accusations of election Fraud by Acorn, which by the way not a single case of such has ever been proven in any court of law.

Speaking of Courts of Law, another basis of our Constitution, the "Right" is now screaming that Attorney General Eric Holder plans to use the constitutionally mandated courts and rule of law to try the terrorists behind 9/11. Our court system and rule of law has worked for this country for over 200 years. Should we allow this act of Terrorists lower our constitutional standards?

So why does the right hate the constitution? I for one love it, I trust it and I will not stay silent when those on the right try to use the Constitution when its convenient and ignore it when its not. In fact I have actually read it, unlike most that wave it like a flag at the parties of the ignorant promoted by Faux News.

Keep in mind in the last several decades it is the right that has tried to ammend the constitution for every pet issue that comes up, not the left. Flag burning, Abortion, Gay Marriage are examples. Thank goodness we had wiser men behind creating it and the rules for ammending it in the first place.

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