Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Has the Political Media Lost Their Minds?

A few months ago no matter what political reporter you listened to or read the underlying theme was the impending death of the Republican Party. Now these same people on Politico, MSNBC and others are talking about the sinking ship of the Democratic Party.

They do this with a Democratic President who has succeeded in delivering or working toward the vast majority of his campaign promises. They do this as a Health Care Bill is about to be passed, something that no President or Congress has been able to do over decades. They do this as the there are continuing signs every day that the economy is recovering further validating the job the President and Congress has done. They seem not to notice that the group with the lowest popularity rating in the polls are Congressional Republicans. They poll significantly lower then Democrats and way lower then the President.

They seem to have forgotten the taking over of the Republican Party by the Glenn Becks, the Rush Limbaughs, the Sarah Palins and the Tea Baggers. They forget that in the last actual election of a congressional seat, the republican was defeated despite the fact that seat had been in GOP hands for over a century.

This up and down story line has proven to me these poltical "experts" can be believed as much as the local weatherman can be in his long range forecasts.

The next congressional election is 10 months away. In that time President Obama and the democrats will have more successes regardless of how many hurdles the GOP tries to put in front of them. The Tea Baggers and the Right wing wackos will continue to scare off moderates, and Sarah Palin will continue to open her mouth and confirm to even more people her lack of intelligence. That and with continued economic recovery and thus better unemployment numbers, things look quite good for the next 10 months.

Though the Republicans will try to deny each and every success of the Democrats, the facts will be there. As long as we on the left continue to get the facts out in every way we can, we will do just fine in November 2010.

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